Sketch Club visit beautiful Broseley garden

We had a very warm welcome from artist Maggie Humphry when the group met at her home in Broseley.

Maggie’s garden is a little gem with beautiful, naturalistic planting presided over by a friendly and clever little Robin, who even chose his favourite painting! (see photo posted by Maureen Gray).

Some members walked round Broseley and along the network of historic footpaths that locals have used over the years to get to work, called ‘jitties’. Others chose to paint flowers.

One of our photos is of a halo round the sun, seen from the garden, How many other people saw this weather phenomenon? Did Maggie order it to excite our imagination?

It all added up to a special day. Thank you Maggie.

A reminder to members that our next Sketching Day is on Saturday 11th July at St.Mary’s Church in Shrewsbury, meeting in the cafe inside the Church. We hope members of Ludlow Art Society will be there to see our current Exhibition.