Saturday Workshops Autumn 2020, a new adventure

We may be in our homes, but we are still exploring together! (image of first Saturday Workshop, Autumn 2020)
We may be in our homes, but we are still exploring together!

Alan was excited to set up his home studio for the first Saturday Workshop of Autumn 2020. He knew that a record 29 people had signed up to take part in the new e-correspondence version of the Workshops, but he had no idea how many other members would manage to join in on the day itself.

Lynne and Mick (our leaders for the Workshops) had sent out a flyer of inspirations for the day, so that we could explore painting in the style of Laura Knight – Portraits (gypsy / theatre / ballet / war effort). They’d included some great images of Mick, dressed up for the occasion, and Alan chose to focus on one of those. He worked all day Saturday and part of Sunday to finish in time to send a photo of his work in by the deadline, midnight on Sunday. He and I (Sally) went to bed that night still wondering whether other members had joined in.

You can imagine our delight when on Monday morning we received, from Lynne and Mick, images of completed works by a grand total of 21 SAS artists. Apparently, people really had burned the midnight oil to submit their artworks. We were so thrilled with the amazing range of results, that we immediately asked for permission to share, and everyone said, ‘Yes!’ So, take a look (below) and see what we all got up to. It’s such a joy to feel we are back together, making art, as a group, despite the ongoing Coronavirus-pandemic challenges.

SAS Saturday Workshops Autumn 2020, members' works 1 (image)
SAS Saturday Workshops Autumn 2020, members' works 2 (image)

We want to thank Lynne and Mick for making this venture possible, and we look forward to the next session ‘in the style of Pam Carter – Hebridean landscapes’. And, of course, thanks to all the artists for agreeing that we can share they work in this way, copyright of course remains with each artist.

If you’re interested to make some art with us this Autumn, there is still time for members to join Lynne Morgan’s Wednesday Classes ‘From Windows and Walks’ which will be run by e-correspondence with video tuition, starting 30th September. For more information, email Alan and we will send you the Booking Form.

Things may be different, and of course at times challenging for any one of us, but we can still enjoy the feeling that comes with being part of a group of artists working together and inspiring each other. The first Saturday Workshop of the season certainly lifted our spirits.

Report by Alan and Sally