Permanent Exhibition in St. Mary’s

Here is the rota for members who have expressed an interest in exhibiting in the Permanent Exhibition in St. Mary’s Church, for the 2017-2018 period. The rota was compiled by members of the SAS Committee by drawing names at random.

Please make a note of your dates and see further instructions below.

SAS Rota St Marys Permanent Exhibition 2017-2018

Take down and set up will be on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12 noon.
All paintings can be for sale. There will be a 15% commission taken on all sales. Jo from The Battlefield 1403 Café in St. Mary’s has kindly offered to take payments for the Society using our Bank Card Machine.

Picture title label cards are supplied with pens to complete on the set up day, or you can of course bring your own! Materials and sale carriage bags are stored in the trunk directly below the boards.

Any further queries (from members), please contact Rob Leckey on 01743 872297 or 07881 380024.

SAS Permanent Exhibition in St Marys Church Shrewsbury

The boards/space available for the Exhibition