Oxford, Ashmolean, Pissarro 2022

On a sunny Saturday in mid-March, 38 Shropshire Art Society members and their guests arrived bright and early at the Abbey car park to board an executive coach run by the incomparable Longmynd Coaches, for a trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. 

SAS gallery day trip to see Pissarro: Father of Impressionism 2022
Pissarro: Father of Impressionism, 2022 (and Alan!)

Arriving at 10.30 am, just in time for coffee, many made their way to the lovely Museum café. The particular exhibition we had gone to see was Pissarro: Father of Impressionism which was deemed by everyone to be an excellent exhibition, and which was quite extensive, occupying 3 rooms. Tickets were timed and masks were required, so safety was well considered. Some had booked a lunch in the Museum’s rooftop restaurant, some made their way to the café, but those who had brought their own were able to sit outside enjoying the sunshine – no coat required!

The great thing about the Ashmolean is that it is a museum, with many and varied exhibits, including ancient instruments. In fact the museum is home to what is possibly the most famous Stradivarius violin – ‘the Messiah’, which is reputedly worth about three million pounds!

Musical instruments at the Ashmolean including 'the Messiah', a Stradivarius
The collection includes ‘the Messiah’ (left), the famous Stradivarius

The Ashmolean certainly has something to interest everyone as Frank’s photos (below) highlight, thank you Frank!

Wide range of exhibits at the Ashmolean, Oxford
Exhibits at the Ashmolean, as seen by Frank Hilton

The good weather also gave those who wished to the opportunity to explore Oxford, with its many and varied art galleries, as well as several shopping centres. The Ashmolean is perfectly placed right in the centre of Oxford, giving access to a wide variety of venues and experiences.

The homeward journey began at 4.30pm, and the journey was smooth and quick, thanks to our expert driver. We were back in Shrewsbury well before 7pm! 

All were full of praise for the trip overall, and in particular for the Pissarro exhibition. Another lovely Gallery trip, and one enjoyed by all. 

Our grateful thanks go to Beverley Wightman our Gallery Trips Organiser for making all the arrangements and for looking after us so brilliantly on the day. Thank you Beverley. We look forward to seeing where you take us next 😊