Our members are invited to exhibit a single artwork in this Gallery (members, find the instructions at the foot of the Gallery, here). Where the artist has provided a website link, click website to visit. Alternatively, click any artwork to view the Gallery.

Copyright for each image shown remains with the artist.

For members: how to take part

Shropshire Art Society members who would like to be included in this Gallery, please send an email to the Shropshire Art Society Webmaster, Sally, at 


Attach ONE medium-high resolution JPEG or PNG of a single representative piece of your art work; it’s best if the art is photographed before it is framed behind glass, to avoid reflections in the image; please do not include any form of watermark. The image will be resized to be a small teaser to show visitors to this website the range of work being made by our members. If you have a website showcasing your work as an artist OR a Facebook page OR an Instagram page (choose one only!), please include its address in the body of the email.

Please note that any links provided are checked at the time of addition to this page and once a year in February. Members, it is your responsibility to make sure the website at the link you have provided continues to work throughout the year and to inform Sally if for any reason it no longer functions and you would therefore like the link removed.

You may change your image in the Gallery once per membership year, using the same method. We would like as many artists as possible to be represented on this page, so please do consider taking part.