Our artists

All Shropshire Art Society member artists are invited to submit a single image of a representative piece of work, along with their website, Facebook page or Instagram page (if they have one), for our art gallery: members, please see the bottom of this page for how to submit your image. Artists are listed in alphabetical order by surname. To visit any individual artist’s website simply click on their image below; if there is no website, you’ll be able to see an enlarged version of the single art work shown.

Doug Bayliss artist

Doug Bayliss

Rachel Bloor artist

Rachel Bloor

Jenny Brace artist

Jenny Brace

Mary Buckle artist

Mary Buckle

Roger Carlyle artist

Roger Carlyle

Liz Carr artist

Liz Carr

Clemy Cleaton artist

Clemy Cleaton

Suzy Craig artist

Suzy Craig

Alison Cutter artist

Alison Cutter

Catherine Downes artist

Catherine Downes

Linda Dromgool artist

Linda Dromgool

Svetlana Elantseva artist

Svetlana Elantseva

Christine Gilbert artist

Christine Gilbert

Mick Gilmore artist

Mick Gilmore

Kathy Green artist

Kathy Green

Phil Hadley artist

Phil Hadley

Jean Hammond artist

Jean Hammond

Ivor Hammonds artist

Ivor Hammonds

Frank Hilton artist

Frank Hilton

P.C. Hitchcock artist

P.C. Hitchcock

Janice Holohan artist

Janice Holohan

Jane Hopkins artist

Jane Hopkins

Lesley Howse artist

Lesley Howse

Maggie Humphry artist

Maggie Humphry

Angela Jones artist

Angela Jones

Sheila Jones artist

Sheila Jones

Angela Kidd artist

Angela Kidd

Wilfred Langford artist

Wilfred Langford

Rob Leckey artist

Rob Leckey

Lesley Leek artist

Lesley Leek

Anne Linton artist

Anne Linton

Val Littlehales artist

Val Littlehales

Nicky Lokier artist

Nicky Lokier

Barry Lowe artist

Barry Lowe

Karen Lowe artist

Karen Lowe

Pru Mac artist

Pru Mac

Barry Maisey artist

Barry Maisey

Peter McGain artist

Peter McGain

Barbara McGarvey artist

Barbara McGarvey

Maggie McKean artist

Maggie McKean

Audrey Menhinick artist

Audrey Menhinick

Lynne Morgan artist

Lynne Morgan

Alison Mussell artist

Alison Mussell

Judy Osborne artist

Judy Osborne

Pat Passmore artist

Pat Passmore

Rebecca Pells artist

Rebecca Pells

Dulcie Powell artist

Dulcie Powell

Daphne Rankin artist

Daphne Rankin

Stuart Rankin artist

Stuart Rankin

Carys Relf artist

Carys Relf

Emma Jane Roberts artist

Emma Jane Roberts

Margaret Rowson artist

Margaret Rowson

Helen Sample artist

Helen Sample

Sue Sharp artist

Sue Sharp

Sheila Sharpe artist

Sheila Sharpe

Tony Sharpe artist

Tony Sharpe

Mary Shirra artist

Mary Shirra

Graham Smith artist

Graham Smith

Moira Smith artist

Moira Smith

Gillian Stoakes artist

Gillian Stoakes

Alan Townsend artist

Alan Townsend

Sally Townsend Blake artist

Sally Townsend Blake

Margaret Turner artist

Margaret Turner

Reg Turrell artist

Reg Turrell

Shirley Wade artist

Shirley Wade

Darryl Walker artist

Darryl Walker

Jennifer Wallace artist

Jennifer Wallace

Marisa Watson artist

Marisa Watson

Norma Webster artist

Norma Webster

John Willetts artist

John Willetts

Monty Wilson artist

Monty Wilson

Ali Wright artist

Ali Wright

Sarah Yates artist

Sarah Yates

Shropshire Art Society artists who would like to be included on this page, please send an email to the Shropshire Art Society Webmaster, Sally at webmaster@shropshireartsociety.org.uk – if you have a website showcasing your work as an artist OR a Facebook page OR an Instagram page (choose one only!), please include its address in the body of the email. Attach ONE medium-high resolution JPEG or PNG of a single representative piece of your art work; it’s best if the art is photographed before it is framed behind glass, to avoid reflections in the image; please do not include any form of watermark. The image will be resized to be a small teaser to show visitors to this website the range of work being made by our members. We would like as many artists as possible to be represented on this page, so please do consider taking part.