Shropshire Art Society exhibitions

Annual exhibitions

The Society presents two annual exhibitions of members’ work, when both framed and unframed art works are for sale to the public. The Summer Exhibition takes place at St Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury —world famous for its stained glass— in June and July and the Autumn Exhibition is held at The Bear Steps, Shrewsbury — an historic timber-framed gallery.

Exhibition dates for your diary 2018!

Summer Exhibition:
Sat 23rd June to Sat 7th July
Hand In and Exhibition Social: Sat 23rd June
Collection: Sat 7th July

Autumn Exhibition:
Mon 1st October to Sat 13th October
Hand in: Sun 30th September
Collection: Sat 13th October
Reception Social: To Be Advised

Autumn Exhibition 2017 Report

The Exhibition showed at The Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury. The R Harrison and H Walker Prize was awarded to Frank Hilton for his painting ‘Stiperstones from Rowley’. It was the painting that, in the opinion of the adjudicator, best reflects the Shropshire countryside. Congratulations to Frank, for whom 2017 was a double-winner of a year (see below)! Here’s Frank’s winning painting:

“Stiperstones from Rowley” by Frank Hilton, winner R Harrison and H Walker Prize 2017

Summer Exhibition 2017 Report

The Exhibition was held in St. Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury, closing on Thursday 13th July. The Judy Townsend Memorial Prize of £100 was awarded for the painting that, in the opinion of the Townsend family, displayed the strongest design element and the most innovative approach to subject matter.

And the winner of the Judy Townsend Memorial Prize 2017 was…

Berlin Tulips by Frank Hilton winner Judy Townsend Memorial Prize 2017

Congratulations Frank Hilton, for achieving the double win!

Permanent exhibition

We also now are delighted to have a permanent exhibition in St. Mary’s Church. Paintings in the permanent exhibition may be for sale, and Jo from The Battlefield 1403 Café in St. Mary’s has kindly offered to take payments for the Society using our Bank Card Machine, so if you would like to buy one of the paintings you see at the exhibition, please head to the cafe and ask for Jo.

Judith Moy, Pru Mac and Nicky Lokier were the first three members to exhibit and get the project off the ground (our artists take turns to exhibit their work on a monthly basis so the exhibition is refreshed regularly). The photograph below shows the paintings on display by these members.

SAS Permanent Exhibition in St Marys Church Shrewsbury

Our permanent exhibition at St. Mary’s Church (artists change monthly)

If you’d like to be added to the guest list for previews of future exhibitions, please contact us as we will be delighted to hear from you. We look forward to welcoming you to our next exhibition.